Friday, August 16, 2013

OK -- So I'm a Beginner in an unusual Way

Via Applique and the many steps involved.  I browsed a blogger yesterday who called herself a LAZY Quilter..... she avoids mitered, small pieces and anything with 8th of an inch!!!

So now.... Step by step.   I'm going to do this 1.5" border

I copied pages... cut them in order.... then placed behind my 31.5" square on the floor.   Surface not really hard.   Using the heavier lead of a Pentel .7 mechanical pencil.

HMNNNNNN   drawing - delicately....

OK -- No Fear....

Dual Purpose Marking Pen in blue and purple from Dritz.

• Double Sided Parking Pen:
• Blue Mark-B-Gone Pen
• Purple Disappearing Ink Pen
• Marks are Easily Removed
About Dual Purpose Marking Pen: This marking pen is another quality notions product from Dritz. This dual purpose pen is double sided with a blue Mark-B-Gone Ink pen and a purple Disappearing Ink pen. Both pen marks can be easily removed, the blue ink is water-soluble and can be removed with a damp cloth and the purple ink is air and water soluble disappearing ink. This pen is not recommended for dry clean only fabrics.

Next.... I'll open my excel spreadsheet... get my ruler.... and mark of 31.5"  plus over 1' allowance!!

Fold Fabric in half  - 15 and 3/4 inches....

Need Help.... still somewhat fearful

Needing exact measurements....???

Love or Not LOVE ENTWINED.....