Monday, November 10, 2014

Paragon and Parma ~ Delightifully Sew

Received October 2014 ~ A heartwarming set of hexies from Karyli Peterson, 811 Donna Ct, Parma Idaho 83660 !

Karyli likes to receive Yellow Petals with Black Centers

Loving the Paragon Fine China I purchased from a summer (June 2014) garage sale in Edmond OK. ($2.50) !!!  

Just this month, I purchased a beautiful Gold tea cup (Paragon) for $10.00 at a Bethany Antique shop!   I"M IN LOVE!!!

Vintage Paragon Teacups and Saucers
Welcome to our wonderful collection
of Paragon tea cups and saucers.
The Paragon name has a history
with the Royal Family, who have
awarded the company royal
warrants of appointment beginning in
1933 by H.M. Queen Mary to 1963,
when the warrant was lastly
reissued.   Royal Warrants were 
issued to companies who regularly 
supplied Queen Mary, the Queen Mother 
and Queen Elizabeth with fine china.

The Paragon name evolved from the f
amous Star China Company,  who began
using the name in 1903.   The originators were
Herbert James Aynsley  (son of John
Aynsley who founded John Aynsley
& Sons), John Gerrard Aynsley  and
William Illingworth.
In 1920 Paragon China became
The Paragon China Company.

Paragon often numbered their pieces
using a pattern number for each
series with a letter prefix and
sometimes a suffix of  /1, /2, etc., which
designated the color of the pattern
if the pattern was available in
different colors.  In 1972 Paragon
became a part of Royal Doulton
who produced the china under the Paragon name until 1991.

The Paragon name was discontinued
in 1992 and although some
patterns continue to be produced
under the Royal Albert name,
this too was discontinued by Royal Doulton.

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