Monday, April 18, 2016

Luvin My Hosta's

Shady-Luvin. . the perennial

 Above, this was my first peep.......oh My Lord..... I thought I'd lost my Hosta.  This is on the West side of the little shed....
I've got to clean it up along with the big, bloomin white and lavendar Beaded Iris Plant that sits behind it.

Then here below.... are the first little peep at the hosta sitting almost under the  Beaded Iris -- it's on the East Side of the shed....
Growing beautifully!

I might divide out a few of the Beaded Iris plants so as NOT to overshadow.
This is the second year . . . the rebirth of two Shade-Luvin Hosta plants located on the sides of our work shed!

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