Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Today's Perennial Planting... Lysimachia and Aquilegias

     Looking closely.... The Aquilegia Origami stands tall-center, and to the left is the (just about trailing over the plant)... Lysimachia.... Next is the...... and the the right hand side of the pot is an ever favorite annual sweet potato plant.
This old, old, old, shall I say ancient Chickasha planter... I spray painted it antique rustic bronze today.....

     I am on a learning Curve... to say the least.   Lysimachia is pronounced.... "lie-sih-MAK-ee-ah"  As ai googled a bit, I found it the be nicknamed.... creeping Jenny!
      A really pretty ground cover plant ( I bought along with colorful annuals for a different potted container)

      In caring for this plant, it grows in a moist, but well drained soil, rich in organic matter.   Soil should NOT dry out in summer.   FULL SUN or partial shade... but color is best in sun. 

Golden creeping Jenny  (Perennial)

Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’

     This pretty green plan can be planted to spill over stone walls.  It is interesting if selected for hanging baskets.... but probably too aggressive a spreader for the border front of flower bed.. or areas adjacent to lawns.   

     Called a "Moneywort" . . .  this is a low-growing, creeping ground cover which forms a leafy mat of 2-4 inches tall.  It will root where leaf noted come in contact with the soil!!!

     It thrives in damp soils which will often kill off other types of ground covers!   This plant features rounded, slightly ruffled, yellow leaves.  Profuse, cup-shaped bright flowers (up to 3/4" across) that appear in early summer....  Tolerates limited foot traffic.

Columbine ~ Granny's Bonnet  (Perennial)

Now... my friends, just how do you say Aquilegias?  

It's   "ak-will-EE-zsah"
 . . . The "Origami Mix" is a compact hybrid columbine...eye-catching flower that offers large starry, spurred soft pink and white flowers in profusion. It blooms more heavily for longer than others and will even flower in the first year from seed.

     I waited a bit late in buying this plant on 4-2-16 -- and deciding where to plant this perennial -- 4-20-16.   Thus I decided to put all of my plants into containers for THIS ONE YEAR...... hmnnn.....

     In spring it puts forth open mounds of three parted, soft green, lobed leaves. By late spring to early summer it bears erect stems of upward facing or nodding large spurred flowers with pink outer petals and white spurred inner petals. Pretty golden stamens extend from the center of each flower.
     Grow columbine in full sun to partial shade and fertile well-drained soil that’s evenly moist. The more sunlight the more important it is the soil has available moisture. They can be short-lived, but self-sow gently to replace themselves; though the seedlings do not come true to seed. Deadhead spent flowers immediately if you don’t want new plants to seed in.
More stories to tell  ya .. later!

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